I don’t like ‘art speak’, and I hate pomposity about art, especially about this kind of art which operates outside of the mainstream. The artists are an iconoclastic, unconventional, free thinking group, and I want visitors to leave our exhibitions exhilarated, overexcited, laughing out loud, and desperate to begin gathering detritus themselves in order to make their own art. I would hope that each and every one of them realise that anyone can make art out of anything!

Coming to a crypt near you:

From the Wild Old Woman who brought you ‘WOW!!’



An all new, exuberant riot of profound junk:


Flamboyance will set you free!

Art is not just for museums, white cube galleries, or the carefully chosen walls of one’s home. It should never remain closeted in the perimeters of one’s life or in the back of one’s mind.

If you love art, and long for more colour, texture and pizzazz in your life,

If you want an innocent and potent drug that will change your life,

If you tire of the same old, same old and wish to break free, then…


Don’t leave art to languish on the walls.

Wrap yourself, festoon, engulf and adorn yourself. Glory in texture, colour and spectacle.

Erupt into the world:

brash, glittering bejewelled, and multicoloured.

Dare to be a graffito, a collage, an assemblage.

Burst into art, and you will change your world forever.

We are Wild Old Women, and a few Wild Old Men. And this year we have added some Wild Young Artists to the mix as well. Our materials are usually salvaged, frequently kitsch, often surprising, and we use them to tell profound and colourful stories.

This year, we are all about adornment: exaggerated depictions of jewellery and clothing. We look at both from the point of view of talismans, amulets, superstition, story telling, psychological and spiritual armour, disguise, exuberance, weird joy, and - of course - art.

Think tribal.

Think about foiling the evil eye.

Think over the top, in your face, unfettered flamboyance.

We present clothing and jewellery (outrageous, peculiar, lushly eccentric), along with other works of art that celebrate the topic: paintings, assemblages, dolls, sculptures, masks, installations chandeliers (!)….

The gallery will be filled with an exuberant riot of colour and texture, and will offer a profound comment on the nature of joyous/superstitious/artistic wardrobe obsession.

Because we are exhibiting in a crypt, we continue to mull over the most fascinating wardrobe conundrum of all:

What will we wear on the way to the Afterlife??

And never forget:

Don’t wear beige, it might kill you!


Sue Adden
Kate Bradbury

Amanda Caines
Debbie Cicalese

Chris Czainski

Tatty Devine

Ella Guru

Anothai Hansen
Sheona Josiah

Sue Kreitzman

Maria Fernanda Morais dos Santos Latif

Meihui Liu

Yvonne Mabs Francis
Lucy Martin

Georgia Mathews

Rosemary McLeish
Liz Parkinson

Quimetta Perle

Alicia Piller

Claire Pinney

Lauren Shanley

Julia Sisi
Karin van der Plas
Gini Wade
Felix Wightman
Phil Wildman
John William

Malcah Zeldis

Curator: Sue Kreitzman: suekreitzman@yahoo.co.uk

Assistant Curator: Peter Herbert






020 73881461


OPENS October 9, 2012

Private View: October 10, 6:30 – 9:00

CLOSES November 4, 2012

11:00 am – 6:00 pm

Closed Mondays

Special Evening Event for November 1, All Soul’s Day:

Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), at Dare to Wear.

Meet the Artists… (And a few dead ones as well)

6:30 - 9:00